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Humor is the life blood of the gods...and it's funny too. I think every page needs a little humor, come here for spoofs and bloopers. Let the Laughter insue...MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!

Behind the Fanfic: A Change for the Better(Ryouga interview)
by Ryouga's best friend

"Hello, my name is Scott O' Day and welcome to Behind the Fanfic, the show where we go behind the scenes of Fanfiction and find out what its really like. Today we are entering the sound stage of A Change for the Better. We will interview one member of the cast" He goes through the doors into the sound stage, where they cruise room scene took place. "My first interview will be with one of the stars of this series Ryouga Habiki" sits down across from them. "Glad you could make it".

"Glad to be here" Ryouga greeted, he mopped a bit of sweat from his brow. "Sorry I was a little late, we just finished the fight scene between me and Goro, he plays Aquarius"

"Quite all right, but lets us get down to business. Now you two star in the hit show Ranma, very popular. 2 hit movies, you also star in thousands of fanfics. Lots of great work, but what made you try this particular Fiction?" Scott asked. Ryouga thought for a second be fore answering.

"Well, my friend Ranma brought the script to me and wanted me to be a part of it. The writer is a big fan of mine an quickly wrote me into the piece. At first I thought it was a weird idea mixing the two series but it ended up pretty good I cant wait to film the next episode" he said happily.

"What do you think about the Zodiacs, the villains?"

"oh their great, their always goofing around. Their almost a bad as my cast!" Ryouga laughed a bit. "but really, theyre a very talented group of people. Misa, Virgo, has a great amount of emotion and skill. I must say very good casting on the directors part".

"What about the mixing of series, what is it like working with the Sailors? I mean your shows are so different, did that cause any problems?" Scott pressed. Ryouga scratched the back of his head.

"Well in our it has gone pretty smoothly. Oh, there was one problem near the beginning. There was conflicts over how the first fight scene should go. Me and Ranma have been used to the long elaborate fights, but the girls mainly use special effects. Not saying we dont have a few on Ranma but thats all their fight scenes are, but the director managed to straighten it out and I think the end result turned out pretty good"

"What about the sailors themselves?" the host inquired, noticing his guest become a bit uncomfortable.

"The girls?" he asked a bit shaky. "Their great, I mean its great working with them. Uh.. I have a lot of scene time with them, mainly Ami, she's a sweet girl. Usagi is nice if not a little too serious on certain scenes. Makotos nice but she can be a bit rough around the edges at times and Minako keeps talking about her boyfriend Harry from outlaw star" he said with some underlying nervousness. Scott paused waiting for the last sailor but he never mentioned her.

"What about Rei Hino?"

"Rei?" he practically squeaked as he gained a faint blush, Scott raised an eyebrow but said nothing.

"Yes Rei"

"W-well we hang out s-sometimes" he stuttered lamely.

"Its rumored that your working together on a side project with her, am I right?" he asked calmly only receiving a nod. "With the same director as this series"


"Well, care to give us a sneak preview" Scott continued

"Well its, ah, a romance story... between me and R-Rei" he said reluctantly.


"yah, I'm the only non saior character in it. It will be the first time I work directly with the director without Ranma or anyone else. Its called 'The Flame' we just started filming so it might be a bit before any parts get out" he finished a bit calmer but still pretty nervous, Scott stood up.

"Well thank you for you time Ryouga, I'm glad we had this chat" he said extending his hand, Ryouga relaxed now that the interview was over and took the hand shaking it vigorously.

"Glad I could come, hopefully we can do this again" he let go and took a quick glance at his watch, "oh shoot I've got to go pick up Rei-chan for the filming" he rushed out in a hurry. Scott blinked confused for a second before returning to host mode.

"Well that does it for this episode of Behind the Fanfic, see you next time. And as we always end the show here are some bloopers from the 'A Change for the Better' just below, good night everybody!"

AN- I thought I'd do this for a little fun every so often. And in a first time offer, e-mail me if you want a behind the Fanfic done on your fanfic!

Bloopers of 'a change for the better'
A strange women sat in the shadows just outside Makotos home reading a small screen, "By the stars, he has enough power to be half of the activation energy for the chrysalis. Hey Leo you getting this reading" the wind wavered as a large man materialized into existence.
"Yes, getting his soul will make our job much easier, The Zodiac dynasty will live again. Send a Panthergast to get his soul and send another to that other reading we picked up. Im counting on you Virgo. Dont screw this up, you know the Master cant stand failure" his voice was fierce and loud. With a roar he vanished, the wind wavered and calmed.

"Tight ass" Virgo muttered stepping out of the shadows.

"Cut! that was great, I like the add lib at the end" the director praises. Virgo looks embarrassed.

"Did I say that out loud?"
The rest of the classes went smoothly, Ranma heading to a place away from the main crowd enjoying, for the most part, the school day. When suddenly The sprinklers on the field he was crossing went on, a soaked female Ranma grumbled sitting under a tree. Not far there was a gasp in the shadows, she rubbed her eyes to make sure she was really seeing this. "Did... did Saotome just change into a girl?" Yukiko stated to herself.

"Nope I'm right here" Ranma said standing behind Virgo, who jumped.

"Cut!" the director shouted.

"Ranma!" his red-headed sister shouted from her position by the tree. Ryouga is cracking up as Misa and Ranko chase Ranma around the sound stage with large blunt objects.
(For all of the Ryouga / Rei fans)
...P-chan went bouncing from door to door trying to find one open. He managed to rush into one and he was rewarded with a large splash, Ami hurried up the hall after the frantic pig. She opened up the bathroom door. "Now what was that all abo-!" she froze staring blankly into the bathroom, Where a very naked Ryouga... should be sitting in the water. Ami turned and shrugged to the director.

"Cut! Where is he?" he shouted, There is the patter of footsteps as Ryouga and Rei rush in their hair is messy and Ryouga's bandanna is around Rei's neck.

"Did I miss my cue?" he asked wiping a bit of lipstick off his face, the director sighed and rubbed his temples as Ranma snickered. Rei and Ryouga are both blushing heavily.

Kasumi sadly sweeps the floor of the Tendo home, Akane hasnt come out of her room since Ranma left, Genma and Soun couldnt stand it and went on there own journey, but everyones faith was in Nabiki...
Kasumi answers the phone, "Tendo residence, may I help you?" she asked politely. There's a moment of silence as she listens, her face twists into frustration. "For the last time this isnt Pizzeria Uno!" she shouted slamming the phone down.

"Cut!" the director shouted half heartedly.

"Can't someone unplug this stupid phone, geez" Kasumi Ranted. Nabiki and Akane peeked out of the rooms upstairs.

"Oh my, you know you didnt have to yell at him. He only had a wrong number" Nabiki stated in a very disappointed but polite tone.

"Ah lay off" The eldest Tendo sister grumbled, Akane sighed.

"I think we were miscast" she said in a cool even tone closing the door.
...Sailor mercury glowed brightly as her single tear fell and stopped in midair, it grew into a palm sized ball. "Youll pay...MERCURY'S..." she spun in a slow intricate dance, the ball orbiting her. "..MOURNFUL..." she stopped facing Ryouga and Aquarius the ball coming to stop in front of her growing. "TEAR!!!" the ball exploded, forming into a huge jet of freezing water. Ryouga released Aquarius and dived straight into the breakaway wall... that didnt break and fell over.

"ow" he said meekly holding his arm. The entire cast and crew collapsed in a fit of laughter. Ryouga stood up and brushed himself off, poking the wall with no effect. With a sigh he leaned against it, which mad it promptly collapse. Causing another round of laughter to fill the studio. The director never bothered to yell cut, he merely shook his head and sighed.

Disclaimer: I don't own Ranma 1/2 or and of the other animes or video games I use in my stories. I do own any characters I think up though(The zodiac deamons of a change for the better for example) so I don't leave emptey handed.